Like many of you, I am horrified when I see people not taking this pandemic seriously. Especially when I see nurses, EMTs, and essential workers literally dying to help them and help this country. 

But what can we do? Political rhetoric doesn't seem to be helping. Shaming doesn't seem to work. This project will humanize real stories of the pandemic and put those stories in front of real people who may not be listening -- in the form of ads. 

For the past few months, I have been working with frontline workers on an unrelated humanitarian project. As I began to tell them about myself and my documentary work, I realized most of them deeply wanted to share their stories. I realized that's something I can do. I can help people tell their stories, and I can help put those stories into states and counties that need to hear them. At present, I will be paying for ad space to run these stories as a campaign to Take Covid Seriously. 

If you're interesting in donating to this cause you can do so below. 100% of your donations minus paypal fees will go directly to putting these videos in the public  :           

Get in contact: katherine.sweetman@gmail.com katherine.sweetman@gmail.com Who's behind this? Documentary filmmaker Katherine sweetman